Student Life

DMA - I, a premier institute of Western U.P. has been relentlessly working for the last 29 years to cater to the needs of the future citizens of our great Nation by providing them a favourable, inspiring and ennobling atmosphere, fortifying their intellectual, moral, aesthetic and practical capabilities and chiselling them into human beings possessing a high sense of character and integrity.

Summer Camp

Summer camp is supervised programme for children or teenagers, conducted during the summer months. The concept of summer classes has transformed the holiday period into a learning and funfilled time for students. Summer camp in our school serves the dual purpose of learning something new and spending quality time with the children. It also teaches variety of disciplines like working in groups, making child self-reliant and independent. There are wide ranges of activities organized such as dance, art, craft, swimming, baking, cookery, skating or karate. The concept of summer camp is gaining momentum as it helps in development of child’s overall personality.