Infrastructural Facilities

DMA - I, a premier institute of Western U.P. has been relentlessly working for the last 29 years to cater to the needs of the future citizens of our great Nation by providing them a favourable, inspiring and ennobling atmosphere, fortifying their intellectual, moral, aesthetic and practical capabilities and chiselling them into human beings possessing a high sense of character and integrity.


We have state-of-art Science Labs, one each for Physics, Chemistry and Biology, fully equipped with facilities to enable students to stay in touch with the latest development in Science and Technology. The school is also developing an Integrated Science Activity Center. The Home Science and Fashion Studies Labs have the required equipment and latest designing machines to cater to the needs of the students. The Computer Lab is spread over an area of 1000 sq. ft. with latest configuration computers. Broadband internet connection is available through network. It also serves as a fully functional audio visual room with a full size projection screen used for presentations by children, teachers and guest speakers which aid in making the learning experience multi-dimensional. The school Mathematics Lab is spacious and welcomes learners of all ages to explore the world of Mathematics.

  • For Enhancing Scientific aptitude

  • Well designed and well equipped labs for Chem, Bio, Phy, FT, H. Sc., Maths etc.

  • Four modern air conditioned computer labs.


Hi-Tech Maths Lab

DMA has established a Maths Lab with NIIT which aims at enabling students to learn, reason, connect ideas and think logically. With its specially designed lab and technologically empowered educational content, the solution fosters individualized and peer learning. Pedagogically appropriate activities are designed as per age group and classes – VI to X, based on the NCERT syllabus. The Maths Lab fosters mathematical awareness, skill building and positive attitudes. It offers Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids, comprising of Technology Applications, Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables and Charts, to schools on the basis of three pillars – ‘Imagine, Investigate and Interact’. These tools ensure that the student gets a thorough grasp of the subject, and trains them to think, analyse and articulate logically.



This widespread adoption of technology has completely changed how teachers teach and students learn. Teachers are learning how to teach with emerging technologies while students are using advanced technology to shape how they learn. By embracing and integrating technology in the classroom in the form of Digital classes, DMA is setting the students up for an improved retention rate, learn at their own pace and a successful life outside of school.
DMA has pioneered a change in digital education by converting all sixty nine classrooms into fully smart, techno enabled and digitized classes.



The school library is the nerve center of the school. It provides rich supporting material for recreational reading, listening and viewing. More than 10000 books, magazines, periodicals, newspapers in hard copy, microfilms or online formats as well as slides, audio tapes, documentaries and films are available.

  • Well stocked air conditioned school libraries for Juniors and Seniors with rich reference section.

  • Wide range of books ranging from fiction, Science, Encyclopedia & general reading.

  • Class library system from VIII to XII.



The school has a fully equipped air conditioned medicare center and an experienced, qualified nurse is available on all working days. A team of doctors is also available on call. A routine medical checkup is conducted for every child and intimation is sent to the parents remedial measures need to be taken. In an emergency, the school has a tie up with the fully equipped Modi hospital nearby.

  • Regular medical check up of all students twice a year by qualified Doctors.

  • First aid facility available in case of emergency.

  • Infirmary attached to full fledged Modi Hospital.

  • Staff Nurse available during school hours .



Canteen in DMA School is available only school working timing.

  • Provide nutritious , hygienic and healthy snacks.

  • Facility of wholesome meals for teachers and students, in case of stay back, available.

  • Eatables served at nominal charges.



DMA has always been endeavouring to keep DMAites healthy and agile. In order to help the students develop confidence, agility, stamina, neuromuscular co-ordination and reduce stress in the student and identify their sporting talents at a primordial stage, the academy grooms the budding sports talent so that they can realize their full potential. DMA provides expert coaching throughout the year. Exposure is given to the upcoming sports stars by providing them the opportunity to play in different tournaments and competitions at Inter/Intra School State and National Levels. Physical Education is offered as a subject option for class XI & XII. In order to foster the talent of the students, the school has set up two ultra-modern world classes Basketball courts, three Volleyball grounds, three Cricket pitches and a skating ring. Taekwondo and Karate are taught as a part of self-defense curriculum.