DMA Launching Equestrian Academy in Modipuram, Meerut

It gives us immense pleasure to announce that we, at Dayawati Modi Academy, are all geared up to bring to youthe much-awaited Modi Equestrian Academy (MEA). An initiative of the Gujarmal Modi Charitable Trust, the Modi Equestrian Academy, has been built to provide the young learners with a one-of-its-kind opportunity to indulge in horse riding. The academy would be a perfect getaway to help your kids attain valuable riding skills in a completely safe and secure setup.

With a team of well-trained and professional trainers on the course, you do not have to worry about your child's safety while letting the kid learn a valuable skill. An opportunity to be around horses, spend time engaging in recreational activities, and experience the world-class amenities is what our home-stay cum learning hub is all about. All in all, we can assure you that you will be taking back a "happy child."

Key Features of Modi Equestrian Academy

  • An opportunity to spend time amidst a heritage property
  • Beginner and advanced level horse-riding lessons
  • Be surrounded by lush green gardens at all times
  • Fun-filled and engaging recreational activities
  • Training under the supervision of expert trainers who have mastered this field
  • Ride on healthy German & Irish horses
  • In line with all safety protocols
  • Individual attention to each child
  • Get to be around horses and participate in their grooming
  • Spend quality time in the outdoors under the blue sky and amidst fresh air
  • Makes a perfect weekend-getaway

Surprising Benefits ofHorse Riding forChildren

Life lessons, when grasped by children naturally, become more meaningful. This is exactly how horse riding contributes to your children's lives by imbuing them with some crucial traits, such as:

Empathy: As children spend time around horses, they learn to put the needs of the horse before them. They become more considerate towards this animal, which is carrying their weight around. What is born out of this experience is empathy and compassion.

Patience: When a child starts taking horse-riding lessons, it is not something he/she can master overnight. Likewise, when a horse is being directed, it would not necessarily obey the child's orders each time. This would help instill patience in children, which will definitely come to their aid in all walks of life.

Dedication: Once children are introduced to horse-riding lessons, they will be learning something new each day. This would help build discipline, commitment, and dedication among children.

Respect: In the process of taking horse-riding lessons, children find meaning in respecting horses as they act as a medium of learning for them. The ability to give respect will take children a long way.

How Does Horse Riding Aid Various Areas of ChildDevelopment?

Mental Benefits:

  • Horse riding is a great fun-filled relaxation activity that every child enjoys. This has a positive impact on the child's mood.
  • By learning horse riding, children become more confident. This ultimately leaves its footprints in the form of mental clarity.
  • Works wonders to improve a child's focus and concentration levels.
  • As horse riding is taught outdoors amidst the open air, it teaches children to take time to breathe, relax, and calm themselves down. What follows is relief from stress.
  • Helps to keep negativity and anxiety at bay.

Physical Benefits:

  • An effective isometric exercise that targets certain muscle groups to aid with muscle strengthening.
  • Works miraculously towards hand-eye coordination.
  • Children learn to efficiently use different parts of the body.
  • Targets abdominal and lower back muscles to help with improved posture.
  • Gives a boost to cardiovascular health early on.
  • Has a pivotal role to play in improving motor skills and balance.

Social Benefits:

  • In the course of learning horse riding, children are taught to be kind and gentle to the horse. This is an important skill, which children imbibe through this activity.
  • To succeed with horse riding, children need to maintain the right relationship with horses. Here, children master the ability of building lasting relationships.
  • Horse riding has a lot to do with the communication that is shared between the equestrian and the horse. With horse riding, children learn to become able communicators.

You can witness your kids progressing really well in all the aforementioned areas by letting them join the equestrian academy.

Horse Riding A New USP of DMA Modipuram!

Students at Dayawati Modi Academy are already enjoying the benefits of horse riding at the MEA and are relishing the activity to the core. There are morning and evening horse riding sessions for our students at MEA, and they can opt for either of the sessions based on their convenience. There are best-in-class trainers to help children learn the highly appreciated skill of horse riding and ensure that the kids feel safe and unruffled throughout.
It is indeed a delight to see those little faces beaming with pride and joy as they ride the horses and attain not just the skill but an experience that's worth cherishing for a lifetime!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can young children learn horse riding?
Under proper supervision, children can start taking horse riding lessons as early as 3 years old.

2. How long do children take to learn horse riding?
The time taken to learn horse riding differs between children and completely depends on their individual skills and ability to learn.

3. Is it difficult to ride a horse?
At first, sitting on the horse or using your legs for balance might seem tricky. However, understanding the body language of the horse is helpful to ride well.

4. What is the ideal weight to ride a horse?
Horses can carry a personweighing 20% of its body weight. Thus, the ideal weight to ride a horse is subjective.

5. What safety precautions need to be followed while riding a horse?
When riding, children should avoid wearing baggy, too tight, or very loose clothes. Wearing boots with proper heels will be helpful. It is important to wear headgear at all times.