Infrastructural Facilities

DMA - I, a premier institute of Western U.P. has been relentlessly working for the last 29 years to cater to the needs of the future citizens of our great Nation by providing them a favourable, inspiring and ennobling atmosphere, fortifying their intellectual, moral, aesthetic and practical capabilities and chiselling them into human beings possessing a high sense of character and integrity.

Hi-Tech Maths Lab

DMA has established a Maths Lab with NIIT which aims at enabling students to learn, reason, connect ideas and think logically. With its specially designed lab and technologically empowered educational content, the solution fosters individualized and peer learning. Pedagogically appropriate activities are designed as per age group and classes – VI to X, based on the NCERT syllabus. The Maths Lab fosters mathematical awareness, skill building and positive attitudes. It offers Multiple Teaching and Learning Aids, comprising of Technology Applications, Videos, Manipulative, Measuring Instruments, Tables and Charts, to schools on the basis of three pillars – ‘Imagine, Investigate and Interact’. These tools ensure that the student gets a thorough grasp of the subject, and trains them to think, analyse and articulate logically.